Sunday, February 06, 2005

How to type a patient's report?

Once you have added the patient name and details on the PATIENT LIST (lets say xray chest chosen from examination), and clicked on ADD button at bottom of the screen, the patient name gets displayed in the register. To generate a report or receipt, double-click on the patient from this register. Three buttons at bottom of the screen get activated, they are REPORT, RECEIPT and UPDATE.

Clicking on REPORT button takes you to the report page, that gives you a default (normal) report of this patient's xray chest report. You can make changes in this report as you wish, save it (click on save icon, and then print this out to get a default report of the patient.

Clicking on RECEIPT button takes you to receipt of this patient, where a bill can be generated.

Clicking on UPDATE opens the patient file above for you to make changes as you wish in the patient file. For example, if you have by error added SONOGRAPHY - PELVIS examination to patient while entering data, and now wish to do ABDO/ PELVIS, make the change as you desire on the designated field, and click on UPDATE, and the change is made. Payments can also be changed in this manner.